Delivery Information

General Conditions:

1 - Delivery, installation, replacement and return:

- The replacement, recovery and maintenance process is carried out according to the original invoice

- The customer must notify the company 48 hours in case of a desire to modify the delivery date and in this case the company to modify the date
according to the schedule

- The customer must, when buying the goods, ensure that the spaces are lifted and that the site is large, and the company is not responsible for the lack of space, color or lack of entry of goods from the main entrances, interior or stairs and if entered by the cranes or Others shall be at the client's expense and responsibility

- If an invoice is made and the customer does not receive its contents within 45 days from the date of issuing the invoice, a storage fee will be charged as follows:

* 60 days to 90 days in the warehouse 5% of the value of the invoice on the first month

* 90 days to 120 days The ratio is 10% of the value of the invoice on the second month

And then the invoice is canceled automatically and the customer may use the value of the invoice in the purchase of the same items, but at the current price

- In case the customer receives the contents of the invoice and leave it without installation, the company is not responsible for any damage or deficiencies in the contents of the invoice during the period of leaving without installation

- In case the customer or his representative receives the goods from the warehouse, the company shall not be responsible for any damage or damage that may occur to the contents of the invoice after receiving it from the client or his representative

- The company is not responsible for the installation or damage that may occur to the contents of the invoice if it is shipped by the customer inside or outside the Kingdom

- If the customer wants to cancel the invoice before delivery, he is entitled to refund the amount within 10 days and issue a check by the triple name of the owner of the invoice or transfer on the account within 7 working days

- Replacements and replacements in the case of a clear industrial defect and be after installation with a period of 24 hours.

2- Maintenance:

- The company provides free maintenance services for 5 years where possible on all wooden items included (bedrooms - dining tables - cupboards) which are delivered to the customer and installed by the company provided that the items are used by the same customer

The maintenance does not include non-installed items by the company and does not include faults resulting from the misuse of the customer. If maintenance includes spare parts not available at the company will be requested from the factory at the request of the customer and thus bear the price of the pieces and the expenses of shipping to the Kingdom The company installs them for free. In the absence of spare parts, the company is not responsible for this.

- Provide free maintenance service for 5 years whenever possible on the sponge while the damage was caused by a reason other than misuse

- Provide free maintenance service for 5 years whenever possible on the spring (Alsst) while the damage is due to a reason other than misuse

- Provide free maintenance service for 5 years whenever possible to customers outside the branch site and dlivered by the company in case the damage is caused by a cause other than misuse

- The company provides the service of jaw and installation free of charge for a year (for the goods assembled by the company) within the cities in our exhibition without transport for all the items mentioned above, according to the schedule available

- The company does not provide maintenance and warranty service for items covered by liquidation

3 - Quality Assurance:

- The company guarantees mattress mattresses for 3 full years, guarantee the agent from the date of purchase of the invoice and the company undertakes in the event of the appearance of a factory defect in any order during the warranty period mentioned by replacing it free of charge provided that the original invoice is retained.

4- Shipping:

- Connection with the installation by the company includes the following cities:

Riyadh, Jeddah, Al-Ahsa and Buraidah.

- For the rest of the areas outside the scope of the previous cities, the shipment is made by shipping companies without installation


time to be delivered between 10 to 15 days(it might be longer due to the pandemic)  

To request maintenance services, please call our toll free number:


Note that the official working hours from Sunday to Thursday

From 8 am to 5 pm

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